I WELCOME the news that a new cycle lane is to be introduced running from The Drive to Seven Dials (The Argus, August 18).

I am in favour of any scheme that increases safety and quicker journey times for cyclists and other road users.

I have some questions, though.

Why do we implement city traffic management piecemeal?

Is it not time we had a total review of our roads and users?

This, of course, would be controversial, but it needs to be done. Popular is not always right and safety must be the priority for motorists, cyclists and pedestrians.

I have some ideas that should be explored.

We must accept double yellow lines do not deter motorists from illegally parking. This is a problem for cyclists, who then ride on pavements, which then endangers pedestrians.

In a review, we should address bus lanes, cycle lanes and the replacement of double yellow lines with red routes.

The red route road system works well in other cities such as London and could be implemented in areas such as Western Road, London Road, North Street, Lewes Road, Queen’s Road, Oxford Street and Church Road.

I can hear people asking what the cost of this will be.

If all road users paid and played their part, it could be self-financing.

I would propose that, for bus lanes, a contribution be sought from bus companies and taxi operators.

If cyclists want freedom of the roads like others, they must pay. Motorists are subject to vehicle tax, so let’s introduce a bicycle tax.

It works in other countries so if cyclists want special treatment and dedicated cycle lanes, they should pay.

Motorists pay to use the roads and bus passengers pay their fares, so why not cyclists?

Under the Localism Bill, it is within the powers of the administration to introduce a cyclists’ tax. For openers it could be, say, £52 a year with all money raised being spent on traffic management.

We have a city we must all be proud of. Let us welcome everyone, using whatever form of transport they deem fit. It must be safe, integrated and paid for by all users.

Joe Tansey, Coldean Lane, Brighton