A mother-of-two called police after she was called fat by a man in a supermarket.

Claire James, who have birth to daughter Ruby four months ago, was getting out of her car as another shopper was trying to park next to her at Sainsbury's in The Drove, Newhaven.

When she asked the man to wait he called her a fat b**** and told her to get out of the way.

The 37-year-old said he then pursued her into the shop and continued to shout at her and abuse her about her weight.

She said: "It started in the car park when he was trying to squeeze in close to my car.

"I asked him to wait and he called me fat.

"But then he carried on verbally abusing me in the store and it left me in tears.

" Staff did nothing I am a member of staff in that Sainsbury's but I am currently on maternity leave after giving birth four months ago."

She said she feels the man should have been evicted from the store by the security guard, but claims senior staffdid nothing to help her.

Deputy store manager Martin Thomas, who was in the shop that day, said they asked the man to stop swearing and he walked away.

Mr Thomas said it was a matter of "discretion" for senior staff to decide whether someone should be escorted out of a store and he believed that once the man had walked away the matter was "resolved".

He said: "We can't just ask someone to leave because someone tells us to.

"We have situations like this in stores quite often and we have a policy on it."

Police were contacted on Thursday morning regarding the incident which took place on Wednesday at 5.30pm.

They have scheduled an appointment for a facetoface visit and will attend the store.