A hairdresser is challenging assumptions customers make about deaf people.

Jean West is profoundly deaf and her first language is British Sign Language.

She works as a freelance hairdresser around East Sussex and also at Giovanni’s Salon in London Road, Brighton.

Now she has launched a website to offer support and advice to other deaf hairdressers.

She said: “I want to encourage other deaf hairdressers to challenge the assumptions people make about deaf people and sign language users. I want to make people aware of equal opportunities within the hairdressing world.

“Some clients do find it difficult to trust a deaf hairdresser but this is probably due to their perception of a deaf person and confidence about communication. Once their hair is done they are often very happy.

“Qualifying was a lot of hard work and now working as a hairdresser is like a dream come true.”

For more information visit www.jeanwesthair.co.uk.