A spate of attacks against cyclists has seen them pelted with eggs by angry drivers.

Riders claim the pranks could go badly wrong and have urged other victims to report any attacks to the police.

Denise Blanks, from Mile Oak in Portslade, was hit on the back by an egg flung from a white van while cycling in Upper Beeding on Tuesday afternoon.

The 49-year-old was quick to capture the registration plate of the bad egg and police are now investigating.

But it is the second time she has been attacked while cycling.

She said: “I don’t understand why anyone would want to do it but it has happened to me twice and I’m sure other people have had the same experience.

Adrian Imms, 27, from Patcham, was attacked last month while riding along London Road in Brighton.

He said: “This is people going out specifically to chuck eggs at cyclists. That’s quite a sad way to spend your Friday night."

A Sussex Police spokeswoman said: “We take any reports of assaults on cyclists very seriously.”