A fine art and antiques expert could be starring in his own television show, thanks to a little help from to The Argus.

Vernon Ward has been running his antiques roadshows in Sussex for 17 years and in that time has discovered a Carl Faberge clock worth £85,000, a Santo Serafin violin worth £70,000, two Rembrandts and a Picasso, to name but a few.

It was his latest discovery, a Carl Ludwig Mangold original music manuscript, which propelled him to the pages of The Argus under the catchy headline The Antiques Detective'.

That headline spurred the dedicated researcher with 38 years experience into action and he contacted ITV1 Granada to pitch the idea.

Vernon is heading to London today to have a meeting with the TV company to discuss a possible show.

Vernon, 53, of Sunnydale Avenue, Brighton, said: "It is not set in stone but I am in discussions with a view to producing a factual antiques programme in the style of Lovejoy.

"My idea is that it won't just be about the antiques but about the people behind the objects.

"It could be called The Antiques Detective from The Argus headline. So many people I came across after The Argus interview loved the phrase The Antiques Detective.

"This has come about through sheer hard work and determination and it was the feedback from the public which encouraged me to do it.

"It would be wonderful to have my own television programme.

Not many people get such an opportunity.

"But it's not just about being on television. I do this to discover antiques which would otherwise disappear, like the Mangold manuscript which is now on its way to the Darmstadt Museum in Germany after netting its owner £1,000."

The discovery of the manuscript, reported in The Argus on August 7, led to another more shocking discovery that not even Vernon could predict, with his sixth-sense for antiques.

The manuscript was written for Jenny Lind, a famous singer in the 19th Century known as the Swedish Nightingale.

After the article appeared in the paper, Vernon received a phone call from a Brighton resident who turned out to be Jenny Lind's great-great-granddaughter.

Another Brighton resident who was drawn to Vernon's expertise was Mandy Smith, former wife of Rolling Stone Bill Wyman.

With Vernon's sideline as a singer in Rolling Stone's tribute band Railing Stains, the pair had much to talk about and Vernon is now advising her on antiques.

Vernon said: "If the television show is along the lines of Lovejoy, I just need to find my Lady Jane.

"If antiques could talk, couldn't they tell a story?"

Anyone wishing to contact Vernon for research, evaluations or sales advice should call 01273 502097.