I FULLY endorse every word of Roger and Fleur Musselle’s excellent letter of September 12.

Rarely have I read a letter that so accurately describes a series of situations, which have been highlighted in both letters pages and in The Argus in general.

I have myself been in one or two situations that the Musselle’s describe in the letter and can vouch for the accuracy they put across.

A huge increase in the fox population has caught the public off-guard and many people – including myself – had not seen a fox in the wild. First encounters can surprise you. With wildlife in decline in many parts of the countryside, I for one hope that this alert, intelligent creature thrives.

Laurence Hill, Court Waye, Worthing

HAVING read the Letters page in The Argus on September 12 on the subject of foxes, I was prompted to write to say I have one that comes into my garden on a regular basis.

This fox vandalises it by digging very large holes in my flower borders and around my shed. I duly fill these in and brick them up. Its latest trick is to pull water lilies out of my small pond. If he needs a drink, I leave a bowl of water nearby.

If any fox lover has some good advice, or would like to rehome my fox, I’d be very grateful.

Mrs Price, Wilmington Way, Patcham