Calls have been made for a city-wide cable car to cut pollution.

Nigel Carter is petitioning Brighton and Hove City Council to assess plans for a cable car that would stretch from the A23 to the seafront.

It joins a list of seemingly hair-brained schemes put forward to tackle congestion in Brighton and Hove.

Pollution absorbing paint, road closures and even a coastal monorail have all previously been suggested.

Whereas these previous ambitious schemes have not yet come to fruition Mr Carter is convinced his suggestion “has legs”.

Mr Carter, deputy chairman of UKIP Brighton and Hove, has submitted an e-petition to Brighton and Hove City Council to assess how feasible his idea is.

If the petition is signed by more than 1,250 people and will trigger a debate at a full council meeting.

Yesterday it had the support of six people.

Mr Carter said he pictures the cable being installed somewhere close to the A23, at Patcham, and carry visitors about five miles into the city centre.