Pupils at Heyworth Primary School in New England Road, Haywards Heath, have been told they can no longer play the games because they were distracting youngsters from their work.

Yesterday no one at the school – which has about 220 pupils – was available for comment.

However, in a letter to parents the school said “upset and disruption” had prompted the decision.

The letter said: “We have taken the decision to ban all playing cards including Moshi Monsters cards from the school site.

“Children have been bringing these collector cards into school and trying to swap cards during the day which has caused much upset and disruption on the playground.

“These disagreements can then impact on learning within the classroom.

“We are looking at the possibility of having a lunchtime club for children who enjoy these cards and I will get back to you with details in due course.

“I hope you will support us in enforcing this ban.”

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