A driver deliberately ploughed his vehicle into a cyclist who asked him to stop blocking a footpath.

The 24-year-old cyclist – who was biking home from work – fell from his bike in the violent attack.

It took place in Old Guildford Road, Horsham, and is the third attack on cyclists in the town this week. However, a Sussex Police spokesman said it was not believed to be linked to the other attacks when postmen were pushed off their bikes by the occupants of a car on Friday.

The attack in Old Guildford Road took place at 10.15pm on Wednesday, October 12. At about 10.15pm the local man had reached the roundabout at Tandridge School where he got off his cycle and pushed it up the hill because of road works.

He noticed a silver jeep 4x4-type vehicle parked on the footpath in Old Guildford Road with three white men inside.

The cyclist picked up his bike and carried it past the vehicle. He went back to the 4x4 to ask the men to move their vehicle from the footpath.

As he approached the car it was driven away onto the Farthings Hill roundabout.

He went on his way. He had reached the Farthings Hill roundabout when he noticed car headlights coming towards him.

The vehicle was 5m away from him and he feared that it was going to hit him so he left the carriageway and mounted the grass verge.

The victim stood up on his pedals so he could jump from his bike but before he could the front driver's side of the car hit him causing him to fall from his cycle. His bike was wrecked. The car drove back onto the roundabout and headed either back to Horsham on the A281 or towards the A24 in the direction of Southwater.

The car driver had short cropped brown hair, was clean shaven and of large build, wearing a grey or white hooded top. The front seat passenger had long black hair combed to one side and was clean shaven.

Contact Sussex Police on 08456070999.