Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water....

The decapitated body of what appears to be a dolphin has been found on the beach near Saltdean.

It was found on the same day that a half-eaten dog was also washed up.

Saltdean resident Gilles Guichard made the grisly discovery on Tuesday afternoon.

He said: “It was quite shocking. The head had completely gone and it was lying on a rock.

“When I heard about the dog on the same day it made me think what could be causing this? Who knows – we might have sharks in the area?”

However, marine experts said it was unlikely a shark capable of this sort of brutality would be in Sussex waters at this time of year.

Steve Strange, the Sussex representative for the Seawatch Foundation, said: “There are cases of whales and dolphins that have died elsewhere floating around and then been hit by a boat.

“We do get sharks in the area but normally in the summer. They are likely to have moved somewhere they are more likely to find food."