I AM sure most of your readers remember Anne the elephant from earlier this year.

Anne was an elderly, arthritic elephant travelling with a circus. She became an overnight celebrity when footage was released showing Anne being beaten.

Over a three-week period, the undercover footage filmed at the winter quarters of the circus showed Anne being beaten 48 times. The public were outraged and took to the streets calling for Anne to be retired from her life in the circus.

Public outrage meant Anne was soon rehomed to live out her days away from the constant transportation and temporary housing of circus life. It was announced this week the Crown Prosecution Service will be prosecuting the circus owners with causing unnecessary suffering to this animal and failing to meet her needs.

The CPS has taken on this case because of the high level of public concern for Anne.

Thanks must go to everyone who made their voice heard on this issue. This just goes to show how important people power is.

Anne was one of the lucky ones – she is now out of the circus, but unfortunately there are still around 39 wild animals languishing in UK circuses. These animals include tigers, lions, snakes, zebras and camels. These majestic creatures are currently heading back to their winter quarters where they will spend the next few months before heading out on the road again early next year.

Despite public and political support for a ban on the use of wild animals in circuses, the Government has decided not to protect these animals by introducing a ban.

Please write to your MP and urge them to introduce a ban, because a ban is the only way to truly protect these animals.

Fiona Peacock, Campaigns Officer, Captive Animals’ Protection Society