I was cross to read it would seem certain creatures are discarded if they do not fit the “human food chain” wanted list (The Argus, December 14), following some lesser-spotted dogfish, a species of the shark family, being washed up on the shore at Seaford and then found by a seven-year-old boy.

It was stated in the article that “they are of a low commercial value and are most likely to have been discarded and thrown back dead into the sea”.

It is called “discarding”, but I call it “disgusting”. Where’s the respect?

This must not go on. It is not good enough for these magnificent creatures to be caught in nets and then discarded if it happens to not be “required”.

Please join a campaign by visiting www.fishfight.net to support a push to change the rules on “throw backs”.

Paul Robards, Griffiths Avenue, North Lancing