I READ that cycle lane work will close Old Shoreham Road in Brighton and Hove (The Argus, January 2).

I also read that Steve Percy, a motoring lobbyist, said the roads were “going to be murder” as a result.

As a motorist, I welcome more facilities for safe cycling; there are deaths on the road and I don’t know if I could live with myself if I caused one.

If civic authorities can help make towns safer for all, let’s welcome this and put up with a bit of inconvenience. Just look at the rest of Europe to see how we lag behind.

As a cyclist, since changing my job to work locally, I have reduced my work car mileage by 15,000 miles a year.

I have lost weight, reduced my blood pressure and done my bit for the good of the planet by hopefully slowing global warming, which brings a lot of health hazards.

Cyclists need to follow the Highway Code and be visible and audible day and night.

Motorists need to remember some roads were first built for horse-drawn vehicles and bicycles, not for cars. All road users and pedestrians need to respect each other.

I enjoy commuting by bike and feel relaxed.

Perhaps Steve Percy would feel the benefits of leaving his car outside the city and using the new cycle lane when it opens in May?

Steve Waters, Chichester Drive East, Saltdean