I READ about the motoring lobby invoking the language of “war” at the thought that cyclists might gain a small advantage over car drivers (October 28). Now we’re told “there’s going to be murder” over disruption on the Old Shoreham Road (The Argus, January 2).

Of course disruption on the roads is unpleasant for everybody, even for a short time.

We do all have busy lives and like to get around quickly: whether walking to school, taking children to playdates, driving a delivery van, or – as one of your correspondents recently put it – “just cycling to work and back” (The Argus, January 3).

But temporary disruption has to be put in to perspective.

Initiatives to make roads safer, to encourage healthier ways of getting around town, and to discourage unnecessary car use, will have major benefits for everyone in the long run – including responsible motorists with busy lives who make essential car journeys in a responsible way.

With 20mph limits coming to more areas of the city, as well as key improvement schemes such as the Old Shoreham Road cycle lane, we should all get the chance to experience some of these benefits before too long.

In that context a little disruption is surely worth it. Talk of “war” and “murder” seems a bit out of place.

Chris Murgatroyd, York Avenue, Hove