Britain's happiest people are in Brighton, a survey has revealed.

Fewer than 10% of those living in Brighton said they were unhappy.

As many as 23% of people in Cardiff and 20% in Bristol are not happy, compared with the national average of 15%.

Based on responses from nearly 2,000 Britons, the poll showed that 60% were happy with their lives, with scenery and culture the best things about living in Britain.

The least favourite aspect of British culture was celebrities, with only 1% rating them an important part of living in Britain. The best thing for 18-24-year-olds was the music scene.

The poll also showed that shopping was twice as important to women than men, while three times as many men than women rated pubs as one of the top things about living in Britain.

As many as a quarter of those surveyed intended to holiday in the UK this year, with economic factors influencing this decision for 20% of those surveyed.