Celebrity Seagulls fan Des Lynam has called on Brighton and Hove Albion supporters to stop the hatred towards the club’s fiercest rivals.

The Broadcaster wants his fellow supporters to snub abusive chants aimed at Crystal Palace.

The 69-year-old wants to put a stop to the regular fans’ chant of “Stand up if you hate Palace” because he says hate has no place in football.

The call comes just days after a senior Sussex Police officer raised concerns about the level of hatred between some sections of Albion and Palace fans.

Chief Inspector Simon Nelson called on the two clubs and supporters’ clubs to work together to reduce the level of vitriol that the fans demonstrate to each other before the next meeting between the clubs.

Albion travel to play their South London rivals on Tuesday, January 31.

Mr Lynam said he wanted fans to stand up for Albion rather than express their hatred of Palace.

He said: “Nothing irritates me more at home Albion matches than having to listen to that banal chant of ‘Stand up if you hate Palace’.

“Hate has no place in football.

“It is not an emotion that should have anything to do with the game we all love and which gives us so much pleasure.

“Of course there can be intense rivalry, but just because another club just happens by a couple of miles to be the nearest other team to our own it is no reason to hate them.”

The former Match of the Day presenter said he was worried what impact the chants had on younger fans.

He added: “We have a great club.

“We have wonderful supporters - the best in the country in my opinion bearing in mind what we have all been through in recent years.

“We should show how sporting we are.

“Let’s kick that dreadful chant into touch.”

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