Green plans to increase council tax have been thwarted by opposition parties.

A Labour amendment to the Green budget was pushed through last night meaning council tax will now be frozen in Brighton and Hove.

At 2.15am today the Green Party in Brighton and Hove sent an email to The Argus responding to the news.

Green council leader Bill Randall said: "[The Tory/Labour council tax agreement] is financially reckless, and disappointing to see, especially from the Labour Party which has put aside all its principles just to get the council tax freeze through, working with the Conservatives to impose a new round of Conservative spending cuts on a city which, in May, rejected a Conservative administration.

"The Green councillors were almost unanimous in voting to support the budget, a budget that is 98% ‘Green’."

One Green councillor voted against.

The Green Group had previously decided that councillors could vote without being whipped.

Tory leader Geoffrey Theobald insisted there had been "no collusion" between his party and Labour prior to the meeting.

Speaking after the meeting he said: "I feel completely vindicated. We have said from the start there should be a council tax freeze."

Labour group leader Gill Mitchell said after the meeting: "I'm pleased and proud that we have got a freeze."

For the full story see The Argus today.

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