This little snapper gave police a shock when he and his friend were discovered in a man’s bedroom.

The caymans were carted off to the RSPCA in Patcham where staff are taking in an increasing number of abandoned exotic animals.

People are going wild for unusual pets but have no idea how to look after them, the charity claims.

Snakes, spiders and bearded dragons are being housed at the Patcham shelter along with the two new arrivals.

Keith Simpson-Wells, manager of the RSPCA reptile house, said: “The guy who had them didn’t have a licence to keep them.

“He was keeping them in his bedroom but now they’re actually doing rather well.

“They’ll be staying here at the centre until we find a place for them to go.”

Staff have named one cayman Nippy and the other Gucci - after the maker of handbags.

The caymans are foot-long babies but could grow to eight feet.

Keith said: “You wouldn’t want an adult cayman in your bedroom.”


Two years ago, police found a crocodile at the bottom of a wardrobe in Eastbourne.

“That was probably the most unusual find we’ve had to deal with,” said Keith.

“That one was in a pretty bad way because it was so cold.

“They don’t like the cold very much.

“How anyone thought they could keep a crocodile in a wardrobe is beyond me.”


The Patcham centre, the only RSPCA reptile house in the country, also houses a Chinese water dragon that was found in a dreadful state.

“It has a mouth infection and a metabolic blood disease,” said Keith.

“It hasn’t had enough UV light and its bones have gone all soft.”

Terrapin turtles are also a growing problem because people buy them when they are the size of 50p pieces but they grow to the size of dinner plates.

He added: “Rehoming is a problem because no-one wants them.

“That’s why they are being released into ponds and parks.

“If you go to the park in summer you will see terrapins in there.

“Unfortunately, they eat all the wildlife.”

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