Rebecca Crook suggests Brighton and Hove City Council needs to speed up matters with regards to Saltdean Lido in order to effect repairs and get it open (Letters, February 28).

As we have explained to Ms Crook in many face-to-face meetings, we are working as quickly as the law allows. The law will not allow us to simply snatch back the Lido. Lawyers advising the council, and those working for campaigners, have both said taking a repossession case to court is likely to fail.

Ms Crook bemoans the fact the council’s strategic directors have not found a solution. It was never the case they could change the law. However, they have met Ms Crook many times to explain what can be done – and what cannot.

We remain committed to a solution. That’s why we are now invoking the law relating to listed buildings to pressurise the lessee into making repairs. We have inspected the building and served a warning letter as a result. A schedule of required works is being drawn up. This may lead to enforcement action which, if ignored, could lead to forfeiture of the building.

We have established the company is prepared to talk about surrendering the lease, although there can be no guarantees it will do so. We have no interest in delaying a solution.

Councillor Geoffrey Bowden, cabinet member for culture, Brighton and Hove City Council