Discarded and burnt out rubbish is not the first thing you would expect to see on a country walk.

But for people in Hollingdean this is the reality as parts of the surrounding area resemble a rubbish dump thanks to fly tippers.

Labour and Co-op councillor Jeane Lepper, said: “It's upsetting because it is a beautiful part of the downs.”

Hollingdean sits on the gateway to the National Park and the woodland and downs are popular with walkers.

Mrs Lepper said: “It's a lovely walk and it is heartbreaking when you walk there and there's lots of old furniture and rubbish.”

Kevin Mudie, of Lynchet Close said he has complained to the council's Cityclean several times but nothing has been done.

Mr Mudie, who walks his dogs in the wood twice a day, said: “The council seem to do little to either tidy up the mess or prevent people from continuing to dump.

“If something isn't done, we'll be left with a tip where trees grow instead of an area of natural beauty.”

Mr Mudie told The Argus on Wednesday that there was a fly tipping site in the car park next to the skate park in Hollingdean.

The Argus contacted the council about this matter and the site was cleared the same day.

Mr Mudie claims he was in the car park and asked Cityclean workers to clear the rubbish in surrounding areas but they said he would have to phone the council.

Brian Walsh of Brighton and Hove press office said the council had no records of calls from Mr Mudie.

He said: “That area is housing association and not our patch. If Mr Mudie called Citcyclean would not have kept a record, they would have referred it elsewhere.”

When The Argus met with Mr Mudie yesterday (Thursday), we saw dumped items including three beds, various electrical items, a paddling pool and a burnt-out rusty scooter. This was on a ten minute walk on the pathway from the skate park into the woods.

Mr Mudie said that many of these items have been there for several years.

Councillor Lepper said: “It's just insidious dumping of refuse and there's no excuse - it's just sheer laziness.”