A city library is installing WiFi for borrowers and business users.

Brighton and Hove City Council said it hopes to boost conference business at Jubilee Library through the provision of Wi-Fi connections.

A council spokeswoman said that if the pilot project proved successful Wi-Fi would be rolled out across all libraries in the city and could also be installed in other council-run locations with modifications.

She said work will begin this month and will be up and running by June.

She said: “Brighton and Hove City Council is reviewing the scope and requirements of the Wi-Fi project to ensure that any solution provided for Jubilee Library can, if required, form part of a secure and extensible design for the City’s other libraries and potentially a wider range of users and location.

“The design must also be tested against the compliance requirements of UK and EU legislation. It is expected that the final design will be approved and provisioning work commenced in March.

“The capital cost of the project to roll out the service at Jubilee Library is expected to be less than £10,000 and will have minimal running costs. It will also help to maximise revenue generation for the library through business lettings.”

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