I wish to thank Brighton Animal Action for the manner in which they organised their march to recognise the World Day for Incarcerated Animals on September 30.

This group notified the police of their intentions and worked with us throughout the preparations and on the day.

This enabled agreement as to how the march should be held, leading to a high-profile demonstration which presented minimal disruption to the people of Brighton and Hove.

We were able to use minimal numbers of police officers, whose function became nothing more than ensuring the safety of the demonstrators and public.

I would urge anyone else planning on demonstrating in Brighton and Hove to follow the example of Brighton Animal Action.

By complying with the law and thereby working with the police, demonstrators are far more effective at getting their point across than by not doing so and their message becoming lost in other issues.

  • Graham Bartlett, Superintendent, Crime and Operations, Brighton and Hove Division