A father-of-three says a woman drove at him when he asked for her details after a prang in the street.

Nathan Andersson took video footage of a car driving towards him in Hove yesterday lunchtime (March 6).

Police have confirmed they are investigating the report from Old Shoreham Road as road rage.

Mr Andersson said he was driving west past Sackville Road when he realised his car had been bumped from behind.

The 37-year-old said he pulled over to ask the driver of the Toyota behind for her details but when he got out near Hove Cemetery and tried to speak to her she would not wind down her window.

He said when he got out his phone to record her number plate, the woman drove towards him.

Footage from his phone shows a car driving towards him, then apparently knocking him out of the way.

He said: “She drove straight at me.”

Mr Andersson said he reported what happened when police drove past and stopped to ask if he was all right.

Road rage

Sussex Police confirmed it had a report of a “road rage incident” at 1.45pm yesterday.

The force said in a statement: “Following a minor crash, the man driving the first car pulled over and signalled for the woman driving the second car to stop so they could exchange details.

"He reports that the woman did not stop, but instead her car clipped him, knocking him over. There was no reported injury.

“Police are investigating and have the registration numbers of the cars involved, so are not releasing details at this time while the driver who left the scene is traced.”

Mr Andersson, a car dealer from Hove, said he suffered a graze on his arm.

Last night he was planning to seek medical advice about whether he was more seriously injured.

He said: “I was really upset.

“I was very shocked and confused, and sad, really sad that this young woman, a normal-looking person, couldn’t stop and deal with this.”

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