IT WAS heartening to read that Councillor Geoffrey Bowden has publicly stated Brighton and Hove City Council remains committed to a solution for Saltdean Lido.

Hehas set out the actions to be taken by the council which if ignored could lead to forfeiture of the building’s lease.

However, he is mistaken if he believes the people of Saltdean consider the council to be proactive.

Any actions it takes are as a result of the lobbying by Rebecca Crook and the Save Saltdean Lido campaign group.

The campaign and any right-minded person understands the council has to remain within the law, but it can be of no suprise to Coun Bowden that the people of Saltdean are frustated with the lack of action taken by the council over the years.

We need a strategic plan with time scales, Coun Bowden.

This Grade II-listed lido should be a jewel in the city’s cultural crown,not the embarrassment it is at the moment.

Catherine Gallagher, address supplied

COUNCILLOR Bowden claims the council is working “as quickly as the law allows” to get Saltdean Lido repaired and open to the public in good condition (Letters, March 2), and somehow implies that Rebecca Crook and the Save Saltdean Lido campaign are asking for a change in the law to speed things up – they are not.

He also states that “we have no interest in delaying a solution”.

Well, as my grandmother said, “Kind words butter no parsnips” – it was listed in 1987, 25 years ago.

Action at Saltdean Lido is only taking place precisely because of Rebecca and her valiant team, keeping pressure on the council.

It’s a listed building, possibly the finest lido in the country, and it is in a very sad state.

Imagine a beautifully restored lido, with a cafe terrace, a warmed pool, play areas and a paddling pool for children; a bigger, better library, a lift to the first floor, new meetings rooms and a grand hall for parties, weddings and concerts.

That’s what Save Saltdean Lido want to see, yet we’re about to enter another summer with this poor old lido crumbling away and little actual evidence of any real changes.

Iwould encourage people to go there, swim there, and see what it’s like at the moment.

It could be our city’s modernist jewel, but at the moment it’s an embarrassment.

If this is as fast as the council can move, imagine how long things would take if they weren’t at full speed.

Paul Zara, Conran and Partners, Brighton, architects for the campaign

I HAVE been following events at Saltdean Lido since the current leaseholder (a property speculator) unveiled plans to fill in the pool and build a block of flats.

It is inappropriate for Coun Bowden of the Green Party to complain about the activities of the Saltdean Lido Campaign.

The council is at fault in allowing a building it ultimately owns to become so run down.

I’m sure the campaign is a pain for the council in that it continues to point out the failings of both the current leaseholder and the council.

But Coun Bowden should remember the campaign is supported by every single one of myfriends and neighbours.

Amy Nela, Heathfield Avenue, Saltdean