Save Saltdean Lido campaign has welcomed news that the company which runs Saltdean Lido may be prepared to give up the lease.

Brighton Council announced last week that it was negotiating with the leaseholder and the issue was on the agenda at a recent meeting of the tourism, leisure and culture cabinet.

Rebecca Crook, Chair of Saltdean Lido Campaign, said: “It is movement in the right direction that Mr Audley will consider negotiating with the council regarding a surrender of the lease. However, the last thing the community wants is the council negotiating for years.”

Brighton and Hove City Council has said it is moving as quickly as the law allows, but Save Saltdean Lido Campaign say they will keep up the pressure until the issue is resolved.

The campaign group has been lobbying Brighton and Hove City Council to take back the lease and put the historic lido building in the hands of a community interest company: they believe the council is now taking action as a direct result of pressure exerted by the group and its supporters.

In March last year, the campaign group secured Grade II* listing from English Heritage, which also placed the building on its “at risk” register in October. The campaign group also delivered a petition to the council signed by more than 3,000 people asking for urgent proceedings against the leaseholder.

Ms Crook said: “Our core aim is for the community to take ownership of the lease and this can only happen if the council revoke the lease from the leaseholder. We will not give up until the lido is handed back to its rightful owners – the community.”

Save Saltdean Lido Campaign will attend the next full council meeting on March 22 to continue to push their aims.