Selma Montford raises interesting points in relation to the notion of Brighton and Hove City Council moving out of its King’s House premises in Hove and taking over the old Co-op building in Brighton (Letters, March 30).

She refers to another letter in The Argus from March 20, which puts forward the idea (not for the first time) of the council vacating its large offices on the seafront to save money.

Selma says this is unlikely as the council doesn’t have the money to maintain simple utilities in the city, let alone convert an art deco building for its own use.

This is a fair point, but doesn’t consider the money which would be generated from the sale of King’s House for the purpose of upmarket flats.

Of all the ideas I’ve read from fellow readers, this seems like a good one.

Given the number of affluent people who (we’re told) would fall over themselves to own a period-style seafront apartment, I can’t see there being a shortage of buyers.

A developer wouldn’t have to wait long for a return on their investment.

This money (minus a developer kickback) could then be used to pay off a short-term loan between the council and whoever takes on converting the old Co-op building for office use.

Alternatively, bringing the task inhouse would save the council even more money, and give a few of its employees something to do.

M Smith, Dyke Road, Brighton