A bus company has taken early delivery of a new fleet.

Twenty-three new Enviro 200 single deckers have been introduced to Hastings’ Arrows bus services, five months earlier than expected.

The £3 million investment follows the introduction of 11 new double decker buses, worth £1.6 million, in January.

The Hastings bus depot operates a fleet of 72 single and double decker buses with a team of 200 drivers, engineers and support personnel.

The buses will help Stagecoach play a pivotal role in the London Olympics.

Stagecoach will be responsible for managing two depots in the capital during the Games, with 1,100 vehicles in operation throughout the events. Many buses and staff from depots across the UK, including the 23 new Enviro 200s, will be seconded to London during the Games and will re- enter local service in September.

The first of the new fleet was launched by Phil Medlicott, managing director for Stagecoach in East Kent and East Sussex, with colleagues dressed in costumes similar to those found on the Bayeux tapestry – which is the new fleet’s livery theme.

He said: “We are delighted to introduce the new buses to our customers ahead of schedule. The Enviro 200s have easier access for wheelchair users and people travelling with child buggies, and are more environmentally friendly with low emission engines to reduce pollution.”