Brighton and Hove City Council’s report into sports facilities shows the quantity and quality are “poor” compared to other major cities on the south coast.

Portsmouth, Plymouth and Southampton all outperform Brighton and Hove in sporting facilities.

The council said it wants to get the city back on track and has released its “vision” for sports provision over the next ten years.

The Sports Facilities Plan, which will be debated at the cabinet meeting today, could act as a framework to “underpin” decisions about future sports development.

Councillors are due to approve recommendations to look at options for a purpose-built gymnastics centre, improve health and fitness resources and create new athletics and artificial pitches – they also want to try to open out school sports facilities to the wider community.

MPs, residents and sport entrepreneurs have attacked the “embarrassing” lack of major facilities in the city.

There is no ice rink, major climbing or gymnastics centre and the report said sports stakeholders and clubs believe a new major flagship centre is needed.

Yellowave has a climbing wall but Tom Bauer said it is not the major centre the city needs.

He said: “I think it is embarrassing for a city to not have a climbing wall.

“I do not know of a major city that does not have a major climbing wall. London has six and Brighton and Hove has nothing.”

The council acknowledged a “significant funding requirement” will be needed over the next ten years simply to keep existing facilities – such as the King Alfred Centre, in Hove “fit for purpose”.

Hove MP Mike Weatherley said he is working with Conservative councillors to produce a separate plan for a local “regional beacon of sporting excellence.”

He said: “I am quite sure that the King Alfred is the worst leisure centre in the country. When it is finally replaced, I would be keen to carry out the detonation myself.”

Councillor Geoffrey Bowden, cabinet member for culture, recreation and tourism, said: "We have our own marathon and we’re a city where a short walk will reveal residents enjoying every sport from angling to Zumba.

“But while we’re one of the top cities in the country for participation, we’re one of the weakest for facilities.

“This is something we need to remedy. So we now have a plan and we have put aside some money – despite tough times – because this is important."