If you’ve ever found yourself doing a doubletake when scanning the adverts in your local newsagent’s window then it’s probably because of this guy.

Hove-based poet and self-confessed prankster Phil Lucas likes to have a laugh. Among the adverts he has posted in shop windows are: “For sale – Gift Horse – £10 (Never look him in the mouth though).

"For sale – Copy of The Guardian. I don’t understand it – Too many big words, £10 ono.

"Man, 42, seeks woman (of any age or size) for companionship. My interests include: dinosaurs, concrete, the Royal family, all the Countdown hosts, cordial (hi-juice), Pizza Express waitresses.’ Phil said: “It’s a ridiculous waste of time but I love it. I just like to imagine people scanning the shop window and then doing a double take.”

But it appears not everyone gets the joke. Phil said: “Someone contacted me about my companionship card saying that they liked dinosaurs, too, and would like to meet. I thought that was great.”

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