Dirty floors, overflowing bins and the dangerous thawing of chicken were all behind the dismal hygiene rating awarded to Peter Andre’s Sussex cafe.

The Argus got hold of the inspectors’ one-star (out of five) report following their visit to the performer’s East Grinstead cafe.

The Mysterious Girl singer, who runs the cafe with his brother Danny, was told that “urgent improvements” were required to bring the New York Coffee Club Cafe up to scratch.

The Australian pair are set to open a Brighton branch later this year.

In the report, obtained by The Argus following a |Freedom of Information request, inspectors said that the floor was dirty, the bin was overflowing and that there was no hand-wash basin for food handlers.

They added that “high risk perishable food” such as chicken was left to thaw at room temperature, which encouraged the growth of “poisoning bacteria”.

Open packets of high risk food were also stored with no indication of when they had been opened or when they should be used by.

The reported added that the owners had violated statutory health and safety requirements by not informing workers of health and safety law.

In addition, risk assessments were missing and at the time of the inspection the owner’s liability insurance certificate was not available to view.

A spokeswoman said that Danny Andre had assured her that all the packets of food mentioned in the report had used-by dates on them and that the chicken was thawed at room temperature as recommended by the manufacturer.

She added: “The dirty floor is something that they have accepted and have taken on more staff to make sure they don’t make that mistake again.”

“Peter is really looking forward to opening in Brighton. The city is like his second home and he is making sure that everything in this report is addressed.”

In a statement on his website, Peter added: “I am a new business owner and we got a couple of things wrong. However, this has all now been sorted and I cannot wait to open up the new store in Brighton later in this year.”

The coffee shop is due to be inspected again next month.