The Argus: Brighton Festival Fringe launches today

There is something telling about a gay men’s chorus who, singing in a church, start with the Pet Shop Boys’ hit It’s A Sin.

Brighton Gay Men’s Chorus, who have gone from strength to strength in the past few years, know they fit very neatly into a niche market and combine pure talent with humour, wit and a touch of “so what?”

The chorus are so typically Brighton and Hove, you have to laugh.

Which is a good job because they are too. Each and every one of the members – and they range in age – grinned as they sang. It was lovely to watch.

The chorus were performing in Brighton as part of their Guilty Treasures tour, which is set around the quest to find the ultimate gay song. Along the way, with much cleverness, they performed songs by the likes of Simon and Garfunkel and Leonard Cohen.

There were solos, duets and group numbers. Some of the songs worked better than others but the overriding theme of the evening was one of fun. The chorus worked incredibly hard and they have some really strong voices, proved by the solos.

Choruses are not for everyone. But the Brighton Gay Men’s Chorus, who bring a contemporary edge to a historic musical style, proved they can be fun, cheerful and entertaining.

By the end everyone was clapping and dancing in their seats.