Hundreds of naked cyclists pedalling through Brighton has become one of the sights of the year.

But organisers of the Brighton Naked Bike Ride have an alternative plan for this summer’s event in the style of the Olympics.

Paying homage to the ancient Greeks, who competed in sports naked, the bike ride on Sunday June 10 will also encompass a fun run and skinny dip.

It is the seventh year the cycle ride, which is part of a world eco protest and celebration of body power, is being held in Brighton and Hove.

Co-organiser Duncan Blink-horn said: “The Naked Bike Ride is partly about facing our fears and challenging ourselves.

“Many people are fearful of cycling on the roads but evidence shows that the more people cycle the safer we all are.

“By cycling naked we are symbolising our vulnerability, both as individuals and as a species while also demonstrating safety in numbers.

“In this Olympic year let us celebrate the awesome power of the human body.”

Mr Blinkhorn will be handing out bananas on the day to help sustain the riders.

About 1,000 people are expected to assemble at Preston Park at noon on the day before cycling through the heart of the city and along the seafront to Hove before finishing at the naturist beach.

The ride is free to enter.

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