An anti-abortion protest group has been criticised by students at Brighton Hove and Sussex Sixth Form College (BHASVIC) following continued protests outside an abortion clinic.

The BHASVIC Student Union have written to the pro-life groups Abort67 and the Jubilee Community Church of Worthing, in disapproval of the "graphic" banners and pictures outside Wistons Community Clinic on Dyke Road, next to BHASVIC.

BHASVIC union representative Charlie Jones said: “While the Student Union recognises the importance of freedom of speech, we feel there should be restrictions as to what you can show, and what you can say.”

Protestors from the Abort67 group have held regular demonstrations outside the clinic for a number of years.

As has previously been reported, protestors have been condemned for the aggressive approach in which they are conducting themselves. Women, whether workers or patients, have told of being approached and accosted by opinionated protestors, often being videoed and handed propaganda leaflets.

Mr Jones said: “Many students have been approached by Abort67 and often try and engage the students in arguments walking to and from the college.”

The union also say the placards on display are dangerous and hazardous to drivers who may be distracted by the events outside Wistons Community Clinic.

Mr Jones continued: “Personally I've witnessed many drivers taking their eyes off the road to shout out either in protest or in support of their cause, sometimes swerving in the road.”

By Neil Hawkins and Benjamin Leo