A school has sent parents a letter reminding them that guns, whips and knuckle dusters are banned in class.

The families of pupils at Priory School in Mountfield Road, Lewes, received the note earlier this month.

A school insider said that there had not been any incidents of pupils bringing weapons into the East Sussex County Council secondary, but it was just to act as a reminder that such weapons were not allowed.

In particular the school has told pupils as young as 11 that fireworks are not allowed.

The insider said this was not in relation to anything in particular, but added: “It’s just because it is Lewes.”

Lewes is famed for its November 5 celebrations when bonfire societies across the town organise huge displays.

Last year a woman suffered a serious eye injury after a banger exploded in her face and a member of Cliffe Bonfire Society lost part of her finger while throwing one.

The letter said: “In the interests of the health and safety of students, staff, other members of the school community and visitors to the school, the school asks parents and students to ensure that any inappropriate and dangerous items, or any inappropriate and harmful substances, are not brought in to school.

“In the majority of cases the application of common sense will easily determine what should not be brought in to school.

“Sanctions under the Student Behaviour Policy may be applied to any student found in possession of any banned item or any item that the school deems to be unsuitable and dangerous.”

Headteacher Tony Smith said: “We basically have to specify all the things which are banned.

“If you don’t spell it out someone will say it wasn’t on the list.

“We just want to be clear.

“In the past there has been an issue about fireworks around Bonfire Night.

“In Lewes there are a lot of fireworks around.”

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