In response to the story about police being called after a seagull shooting (The Argus, May 29), I totally condemn this cowardly act of cruelty.

The herring gull in question was brooding her newly-hatched chicks, with one egg still to hatch.

The chicks were so young – a few days old. Remember, eggs should be incubated for 28 days.

What a sad end to a wonderful start. These birds deserve more respect. We see them used as a symbol for our football team: The Seagulls.

Every advert, postcard, painting and film of our coast shows our gulls, yet by some they are treated as nothing.

Even though they are now protected by law, we still see ridiculous acts of cruelty.

The fact they are vocal at nesting time is no reason to remove chicks or kill them.

Peacehaven, where this incident happened, is a coastal town where seagulls are expected and should be accepted – learn to live with them.

Alongside local wildlife rescuer Roger Musselle I too would like to see a prosecution for offences such as this.

Herring gulls deserve better.

Gloria Wheatcroft, The Drive, Hove