I MUST respond to the story “A fox mauled my cat”, (The Argus, June 6).

This is what Rachel MacGregor believes, having found her pet cat dead in an overgrown garden behind her home. I have great sympathy for the MacGregors as I know how precious family pets are.

However, I think they should keep an open mind over what killed their cat, or how it met its end. It could have been run over and struggled back to the garden. There could be many reasons.

Even though there are foxes in the area, this does not mean we must blame a fox.

A friend of mine found her cat in the same way as the MacGregors. Although she had foxes in her area, she knew this particular cat actually chased foxes away. Her cat had been run over and thrown into a nearby garden.

Trevor Williams put things into perspective in the story – he speaks from experience and knowledge of fox behaviour with cats.

Unless a fox is actually seen killing a cat, it cannot take the blame.

And let’s not confuse this with the sight of a fox taking away the body of a cat road traffic victim.

I believe the MacGregors can safely have another cat which isn’t liable to be killed by foxes.

The Argus asks: Is the urban fox a problem in Sussex? The fact that 80% of the general public have no problem with the urban fox speaks for itself.

Gloria Wheatcroft, The Drive, Hove

I LAST wrote to The Argus on May 21 about our little Abyssinian cat, which was killed in our neighbour’s front garden. There were two large teeth marks in her neck.

I have been around long enough to know a thing or two, and am aware of the laws of nature.

Having gone (and still going) through the trauma of losing a much-loved pet, I wish to make people aware of the danger. Our cat was in at night and went out for a few minutes before bedtime. As foxes had left their calling cards in our front garden we can only assume it was a fox. Assumptions are all we can make.

Something killed our pet. For whatever reason the heartache is still the same.

All manner of things can cause an animal to attack – there are good and bad among all species. I have in the past befriended wild animals including foxes and badgers, and seagulls.

The MacGregor family has my sympathy.

Shirley Gooding, Warren Way, Telscombe Cliffs