HOW refreshing it was to read David Gibbons’s honest and accurate description of the cowardly lowlife who shot a brooding herring gull as it nurtured her young (Letters, June 1).

This despicable individual took it upon themselves to skulk out in the middle of the night with an airgun with the deliberate intention of destroying a whole family of a protected species of bird.

I hope this person is caught, brought to justice and made an example of.

However, I shall not hold my breath.

Over the years, having read about many similar crimes, it is my perception that the apprehension rate of those who use airguns to carry out these cruel acts is extremely low.

If airguns, like all other guns, were restricted to gun clubs, the maiming and destruction of any animal with these weapons would be lessened.

It is about time airguns were removed from the street and the deliberate targeting of our pets, wildlife and people taken more seriously.

David Hammond, North Court, Hassocks