IT WAS comforting to see a recent picture in The Argus confirming the long-awaited completion of the redesign of the Old Shoreham Road.

As it would appear, two-thirds of the road surface is now allocated to cars, with the remaining third given over to bicycle riders.

This project has been proudly supported by Green bicycle guru, Councillor Ian Davey, so perhaps it is time to ask his opinion on a related matter.

Motorists generally accept they have to pay dedicated taxes (and insurance), additionally to what they already pay, to drive their car on the road.

In these austere times, when everyone must take their share of the pain, could I ask Coun Davey what moves he is making to work towards a situation where cyclists can be offered the opportunity to contribute towards the upkeep of their part of the road?

Surely, a national tax and insurance scheme for cyclists must now be up for consideration, to ensure there is adequate funding from the appropriate source and expand and maintain the network of Coun Davey’s cycle paths.

Trevor Alford, former Conservative councillor, New England Rise, Portslade