Police were called to remove a student from school – because he would not stop revising.

Jamie Gagliardi, 18, turned up at his school a week before exams in order to cram in some last-minute studying.

But when teachers told him he had to go home he refused to budge.

He told The Argus: “I want to study law at the University of Reading so I have to get really good grades.

“It’s just a really contradictory message – you’re encouraged to get the best results possible but then something like this happens.”

The hardworking pupil, who lives in Crawley, took up the offer of extra tuition put on by the school in the run-up to his A-level exams.

When he came in for an after-school lesson – which he said the school had promised – and it wasn’t on, he started causing a “nuisance and disturbance”.

Marilyn Evans, the director of administration at Ifield Community College, said: “He was going into meetings and classes and was being quite forward in making his point.

“He became obsessed with these after-school revision sessions which were not taking place.

“He just wouldn’t accept it.”

Revision quest

The school decided to suspend him for the following day so when the eager student came in, he was asked to leave.

Jamie refused and instead he set about revising for his forthcoming psychology exam.

Unable to move him, the school dialled 999 for help.

Jamie said: “I couldn’t work at home because I don’t have a computer.

“It was a massive over-reaction and I just want parents who are thinking of sending their kids there to know.

“It wasn’t just me – I was representing the class who were also missing out on the lessons.”

Ms Evans added: “Jamie is a very smart boy and we wish him all the success with his results.”