Local politician Robert Nemeth was verbally assaulted and sprinkled with glitter when he was reciting his essay “A housing crisis” at the Threshold exhibition in the underground car park servicing myhotel Brighton yesterday (Saturday June 23rd).

His talk had just started when conceptual architect Alex Cline leapt from his seat, grabbed the text from Mr Nemeth’s hands and heckled him about his support for anti-squatting measures which criminalises trespass in residential property.

An audibly stunned audience watched as a leaflet was quickly handed out and organisers restored order. Robert Nemeth got another copy of his talk and continued nearly as if nothing had happened. The wide-ranging talks included a Council officer presentation on the City Plan and the options for building on spare land in the City, eg in Toad's Hole Valley.

When it came for opening up the debate, Mr Nemeth was again challenged by several people on his role as both a columnist for The Latest and as Parliamentary assistant for Hove MP. Debate moved on to the role of s. 106 agreements and restrictions on the number of student flats in any area.

Threshold is a pop up architecture and built environment centre and ends today with talk on ‘Architectural Terracotta: the Rise of the Skyscraper’ and an immersive sound performance in the car-park.