THE Regency Society’s Hazel McKay seems to have entered the debate about The Level’s restoration project at a very late stage (The Argus, June 21).

With many meetings, workshops and questionnaires, Brighton and Hove City Council canvassed ideas and opinions about this restoration.

The Brighton Society strongly supported this inclusive approach throughout.

As a result of this, two different proposals were produced; one retaining the skatepark in the same place, the other moving it to the north of the rose walk.

These proposals were put out for yet further consultation and the public comment, with 55% in favour of moving the skate park and 33% against.

The clear advantage of moving the skate park is it allows a more authentic restoration of the attractive 1930s Maclaren design in the southern section.

It was this scheme which won a £2.2 million grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund and the Big Parks For People Project. Without funding, no restoration of this shabby, run-down area would have been possible.

The visual intrusion of the new skate park will be minimised by sinking much of the structure below ground level. Returning the presently gravelled area to grass means the total grassed area will actually be greater than before.

All round, this seems the best possible outcome.

Delia Ives, The Brighton Society