The latest images have been released of what organisers hope will be a major seafront ice skating rink.

Designs are for a proposed temporary, year-round ice rink on land next to the King Alfred Leisure Centre in Hove.

Campaign organiser Simon James says he would love to see the rink – which could cost up to £1 million to construct and which could be built in two weeks – in place next year.

He hopes the attraction would bring in around 200,000 visitors a year, based on the success of a similar rink in Gosport.

The local resident and website designer hopes to conduct a two-month survey with a prize draw of £1,000 worth of skating equipment to gauge public support for the proposal.

He hopes the temporary rink would also help to protect the King Alfred site from residential development and encourage any future redevelopment to include a permanent ice rink.

The proposal would see the creation of a 24m by 48m skating area, around two-thirds of a full- sized rink, suitable for ice hockey games, speed skating and ice skating competitions.

Feasibility study

Mr James said he hoped the project would be funded by a wealthy businessman.

He hopes the site would be in place for a minimum three years and could remain for longer depending on the redevelopment of the King Alfred site and the success of the project during that time.

A feasibility study carried out in April by Hemsley Orrell Partnership declared that the proposed site, a grassed area above the old ten pin bowling area, would be suitable for a rink.

The level of sports facilities in the city was labelled poor in a council report in April, with the lack of an ice rink being one of the major omissions.

A decision on a proposal for an ice rink at Black Rock is set to be made later this month.

Mr James said that even if that plan is given the go-ahead, the King Alfred rink could operate while the Black Rock site is being built.

The temporary seasonal ice rink in the grounds of the Royal Pavilion, which attracts tens of thousands of skaters, has been given permission to return for the next five years.

Mr James said: “I think it would attract not just people in the city but beyond.”

A Brighton and Hove City Council spokesman said: "We’re always interested in people’s ideas but we have not seen enough detail of the proposal or how it might be funded to come to any conclusions. "People are often airing their building ideas in the city but planning applications and business plans provide the information people really want."