A sick web bully who terrorised a group of young mothers has taunted the police officers who are hunting him.

The bully, who posts under the alias Jamie Card, tormented the women from Sussex by sending them horrific images of dead cats and stealing pictures of their children.

After the mothers reported the horrific abuse, Sussex Police announced they were launching an investigation to bring the bully to justice.

But on Tuesday he posted a holiday snap of a sign that read: “Jamie Card says – Come and get me Sussex Plod.”

The photograph was uploaded to a Facebook page devoted to unmasking so-called internet ‘trolls’.

In May, Jade Chivers, 31, from Worthing, received messages threatening her three young daughters.

Then she found pictures of her children posted by “Jamie Card” on the internet alongside paedophilic and racist comments.

She said she was “horrified” by the news that her harasser was still on the loose and apparently unconcerned by police attempts to track him down.

She said: “He clearly hasn’t got a care in the world even though he knows the worry he caused.”

Blue Stevenson, 21, from Bracklesham, found pictures of her seven-month-old son on a Sussex furniture sale website alongside graphic sexual comments.

She said she was “really upset” by the picture posted by the bully that made her life a living hell.

She said: “This guy should be behind bars, not on holiday.

“This guy clearly thinks he’s going to get away with it and it’s horrible.”

Unfortunately for the bully, he may have made a fatal mistake.

In the backdrop of the holiday photo is a distinctive rocky outcrop and seaside town.

The view looks similar to photos taken by holidaymakers in Havania, Crete.

The Argus has passed this information onto Sussex Police to aid their investigation.

A Sussex Police spokeswoman said: “This remains an active investigation, and an allocated team continues to undertake extensive enquiries to identify the offender.

"This new evidence has already been submitted to the team and, if appropriate, will be passed to specialist departments within the force for advice and direction, for example the hi-tech crime unit.”