A man who swapped Sussex for Bondi Beach is gearing up to appear in the final of Australia’s Got Talent.

Aspiring singer-songwriter Joe Moore, 21, is one performance away from landing the £164,000 ($250,000) prize and a record deal.

Joe left Horsham for Australia five years ago but said winning the competition would be ‘a dream come true’.

The former Tanbridge House School pupil Joe, who now lives in Bondi, Sydney, said: “This is more than I ever expected.

“Making it big in music is a dream come true.”

Joe has been propelled into the grand final, and he will perform the song he’s co-written Fall to Pieces on Wednesday.

Joe, whose grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins still live in Sussex, said: “My family are behind me all the way, they’re really supportive.

“I’ll always be proud to be British. I’d give anything to be back but appearing in the grand final of Australia’s Got Talent is as close to a dream come true as you can get.”

The grand final takes place on Wednesday.