DOZENS of motorists have been fined up to £70 each for parking in cycle lanes after being caught on CCTV.

Brighton and Hove City Council installed cameras in Lewes Road, Brighton, about 18 months ago.

However, after only being turned on five weeks ago, 193 penalty charge notices have been issued to motorists illegally abandoning their vehicles in the designated cycle paths.

But drivers have questioned how much advance notice those people being ticketed have received about the cameras operating in the area.

A council spokeswoman said: “Indiscriminate parking in areas such as Lewes Road also causes congestion for other drivers and for everyone on that road trying to make their journey.

“If cars are parked on the dedicated routes, buses can get delayed by having to wait to go round vehicles. Cyclists and pedestrians are less safe for the same reasons.

“The congestion caused also increases air pollution and this has been a factor on Lewes Road.

“Enforcement is already making a positive contribution to making journeys on Lewes Road safer, easier and more enjoyable.”


CCTV cameras

The local authority approved CCTV enforcement for the most serious types of parking contraventions in November 2011.

This covers cars parking on yellow lines with a loading ban, pedestrian crossings, taxi ranks and bus stops.

It is only being used with cameras based in North Street, Western Road, London Road and Lewes Road as the council said this is where inconsiderate parking has the biggest implication on traffic congestion.

At the time, transport bosses said it was also intended to ensure that motorists who drove off before a ticket was issued still received a fine.

It comes as the local authority installs another camera in Lewes Road near the Vogue Gyratory to take pictures of cars driving in the bus lane.

Steve Percy, of the Brighton-based People’s Parking Protest, said: “Those motorists who get tickets will get the message but what about those that have not?

“My issue with camera enforcement is how many people are aware CCTV is in operation?

“I do not think it is right. They issue tickets without putting up signs and warning drivers they are in use.”