Scenes of crippled chickens and terrified cows attempting to escape abattoirs are to be screened across Brighton.

Animal Aid will be showing the film across the city on Thursday on the side of a converted ambulance, dubbed the Meat Wagon.

The film attempts to show the cost of intensive farming even in institutions that have satisfied higher welfare criteria set out by the RSPCA and Soil Association.

Andrew Butler, the Animal Aid tour manager, said: “In order to make informed decisions about what they eat, people need to see the way animals are raised and killed in Britain.

“There is an assumption that animals live happy lives and die painless deaths, yet nothing could be further from the truth.

“This is reality TV with a clear message: If you care about animals, the environment or your health, then you need to kick your meat habit.”

The Meat Wagon is visiting 30 towns and cities across the country and anyone who watches the film will be able be offered vegetarian recipe packs.

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