Squatters have turned a Brighton city centre street into ‘a music festival’, residents have claimed.

A group affiliated with Brighton Squatters Network moved into Hippodrome House in Middle Street, Brighton, around two weeks ago.

The group has been living in a house attached to the iconic music venue and has been playing loud music through the early hours according to locals.

Xenia Kingsley, 27, has lived in Middle Street since the start of the year. She said: “During the week things have been fine but at weekends they have been going crazy.

“It’s like being by the main stage of a music festival. It starts at about 1am on Saturday and on Sunday it was still going at around 3pm.

“I sympathise with squatters if they are genuinely homeless and making use of an empty building but it seems these people are just using it as a party house.

“There is nothing noble about that.”

Mike Harris, who runs an energy brokers in Middle Street, said: “I took over a property with squatters a few years ago and we had to get bailiffs involved.

“The owners have done nothing with the building – it’s been like this for years.

“The squatters want a kick up the backside but the opportunity for them is there.”

The Hippodrome was built in 1897 but has stood empty since 2007. Despite talk of a £9 million transformation as recently as February the building remains untouched. It has been used as an ice rink, a circus and a bingo hall, but most famously played host to The Beatles.

A member of the squatters told The Argus a court order was served against the group on Friday which should see eviction papers issued in the next seven days.

John Mack, 27, is among those staying in the property.

He said: “We’re here because it’s a place to live.

“Buildings are being ruined because they’re left empty – the Hippodrome is in a bad state inside but that’s neglect not squatters.

“People have nothing to worry about as far as we’re concerned – we’ve not done any damage.