Squatters have been evicted from a building next to a historic music venue.

A group affiliated with Brighton Squatters Network moved into Hippodrome House in Middle Street, Brighton, at least two weeks ago.

The Argus reported earlier this week how the group had been playing loud music through the early hours according to locals.

Now the unnamed owner has secured an interim possession order and local authorities attended to prevent a breach of the peace.

No-one was found in the empty office building - which had extensive graffiti, damage and litter - and it is now being secured.

The property has now been handed back to the owner.

The joint operation involved Sussex Police, East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service and Brighton and Hove City Council.

Sergeant Malcolm Wauchope, of Sussex Police, who led the operation, said: “This squat has been in existence for no longer than a month, but in this time it has caused significant disruption and inconvenience to the local residents and businesses.

“Police and the council received numerous complaints of loud parties and items being thrown from the roof of the building on to members of the public below.

“We're pleased that the owner now has possession again and that the operation passed without any breach of the peace.”