Residents are fighting plans for a funeral parlour near their homes – because their friend has a phobia of coffins.

Katy Lee said she was “physically sick” after learning the parlour was opening in her street.

The 37-year-old has missed friend’s funerals because of her taphophobia, which stems from when her father was buried.

She spent hundreds of pounds tackling it through therapy but said she was not prepared to see if she was fully over her fear by actually seeing a coffin.

But she might have to, now that funeral parlour Dignity plans to open a branch in her street.

She said: “If I see a coffin then that’s it.

My friend’s dad just died and I am not going to the funeral.

“When my neighbour Jenny rang and told me about the parlour I was physically sick.

“I thought: ‘Oh my god this cannot be happening’.

“If I am faced with that on a daily basis I cannot even contemplate it.

“It is offensive, ridiculous and insensitive.

“I don’t want to face it.

“I told my husband about it. I said, ‘we’ve got to move’ and we’ve just done up the house. But he said no. I can’t move.

“This is my forever house, my happily ever after home, it is mine until retirement.

“Hopefully I will become anesthetised to the sight of coffins.

“But what this could physically And mentally do to me. It is do or die literally.”

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