I SEE John Bryant has replied (The Argus, July 27) to my previous letter (July 16).

However, he cannot have read my letter thoroughly – on no occasion did I mention hunting, which he does.

I am sorry, but foxes do kill for the sake of it, as does man.

Just ask any sheep or chicken farmer. He claims I said foxes are a serious predator of lambs. I did not say this.

There seem to be a lot of misunderstandings about the whole subject.

One of the things I do agree with Mr Bryant about is people should not feed foxes.

He cites Defra: “The most effective strategies to resolve fox problems have primarily relied on non-lethal methods, focusing on preventative and deterrent strategies.”

Unfortunately there are countless people who do feed them, some of them dog owners.

One point I made was that there was a report in Worthing this year about a dog catching mange from a fox which, being a dog owner, rather concerns me.

P Barnes, address supplied